About SevereClean Ultrasonics


SevereClean Ultrasonics is a division of Jamestown Advanced Products in Jamestown, NY.  Jamestown Advanced Products is a 2nd generation, woman-owned premier sheet metal manufacturer specializing in light to a heavy gauge steel and stainless steel. Jamestown Advanced Products Corp. operates a 175,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and warehousing facility. Our facility is midway between Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. SevereClean Ultrasonics offers state-of-the-art technology, dedicated, skilled craftspeople, and service incomparable to others.

Our quality production manufacturing capability is the foundation of our strength to make our ultrasonic tanks in-house and not rely on an outside manufacturer like many within the industry. This allows us to offer a comprehensive manufacturing service of our ultrasonic products, from conception to finished product and beyond. SevereClean Ultrasonics will custom design an ultrasonics cleaning system tailored to your company’s production application needs by offering prototype to production service. The result is a robust and appealing ultrasonic cleaning product ready for any industrial setting.


SevereClean Ultrasonics is a complete prototype to production manufacturer. We fully engineer and design all custom ultrasonic solutions in-house using state-of-the-art Striker CNC software. A team of experienced MIG and TIG welders complete the tank construction, including final grinding and polishing, before passing it on to our last electrical and sonic assembly station. There, we combine decades of ultrasonic manufacturing experience into the final steps, ensuring you receive a cleaning solution that will provide impeccable results time and time again. 


All of our standardized and custom-built ultrasonic cleaning systems endure a rigorous final testing procedure that ensures the perfect working order before they leave our facility. All tanks receive a final 24-hour standing water leak test. Additionally, we run all electronic and ultrasonic components through a highly-detailed step by step final checkout process.  


SevereClean Ultrasonics is proud to design, engineer, and manufacture cleaning systems with industry-leading sustained power. Many competitors will allude to powerful ultrasonic capabilities; however, that power only lasts for a few seconds before the transducers settle at a lower output. This reduced output increases the cleaning time, reduces the effectiveness, requires added heat and additional cleaning chemicals.

With a SevereClean Ultrasonics system, the ultrasonic power does not fade throughout the cleaning process, resulting in a cleaner result without the need to increase heat, add more chemicals or time. If you are curious to learn more about how SevereClean Ultrasonic cleaning systems can sustain ultrasonic power and what they can do for you, please contact our Sales team to receive an individual assessment of your requirements!


SevereClean Ultrasonics offers a complete lineup of proprietary environmentally friendly cleaning agents in addition to our incredibly powerful ultrasonic systems. Our experienced team of developers precisely mixed each of our cleaning agents to attack specific requirements for the varying applications of ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Our product catalog includes neutral, acidic, and alkaline cleaners for a wide variety of substrates, soils, and residues. Most cleaners are made with renewable food-grade biodegradable chemical compounds with “down-the-drain” technology with unmatched rinse-ability.

Additionally, we offer all of our concentrated blends in 2.5, 5, 55, and 275-gallon quantities. None of the cleaning agents require specialized storage methods or any specific training or certification to use, unlike the harsh chemicals used in the past. All cleaning agents rinse away with water and are not harmful when they contact human skin. Suppose you are looking for a specialized cleaning agent for a specific part, process, or particulate. In that case, we will gladly work with your team to develop the best combination of ultrasonic cleaning methods and chemical agents for your requirements!

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