Industrial Components

Eliminate Outdated Cleaning Processes

Fluids, oils, thick residues, and other congealed matter can gum up, ruin, and flat out stop your production lines. A few minutes in a SevereClean Ultrasonics cleaning system can save your company hours or days of production time, not to mention less part turnover, limited labor required, and the elimination of outdated and harsh cleaning chemicals or processes.

Ultrasonic cleaning has infinite applications for industrial components, parts, and processes. The peak sustained power of our customized ultrasonic cleaning units reduces overall cleaning time, requires lower temperatures, lower concentrations of cleaning agents, and improves the results with limited labor.

Computer Components

Improve Computer Health & Efficiency

Computer processing is a natural magnet for dust, particulate matter, and other debris that slows and overheats internal components if not routinely cleaned. Recently, our team received a request to clean a cryptocurrency mining GPU. These components, linked in series and housed in massive warehouses, are used to mine and compile the increasingly popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin.


By applying powerful ultrasonics, moderate heat, and a small concentration of our environmentally friendly ultrasonic cleaning agents blasts away harmful dust and debris in no time without risking damage to any electrical or computing components inside. We can alter our customized ultrasonic cleaning systems to clean single units, multiple units and even incorporate filters to clean off debris to keep your machine running at peak efficiency. Ultrasonic cleaning for computer components is safe and effective in keeping your technology running at maximum power without overheating. 

Electrical or Laser Burn

Remove Years of Use in Minutes

What used to take hours of hard labor to remove can quickly disappear in a few minutes inside a SevereClean Ultrasonics unit. Removing electrical or laser burn with ultrasonic technology is less about the power, heat, or clean time and more about the composition of the cleaning agents utilized to remove the stains in question.


Our proprietary blends of environmentally friendly cleaning agents are perfect for removing this burned-in stain from stainless steel. If you are interested in learning more about our ultrasonic cleaning agents or customized ultrasonic cleaning equipment, don't hesitate to contact Mike for more information, a free quotation, or a no-obligation part cleaning demo.