Ultrasonic Cleaning vs. Alternative Cleaning Practices

Ultrasonic Cleaning vs. Alternative Cleaning Practices

Our team spends countless hours espousing the endless benefits of ultrasonic cleaning technology; however, it may not always be clear how drastic those differences may compare to antiquated cleaning practices. Now, as both equipment and cleaning agents technologies have advanced significantly in the last two decades, there is no excuse for outdated cleaning practices or processes. With SevereClean Ultrasonics and our industry-leading cleaning technology and proprietary chemical agents, we can eliminate your old-fashioned practices, save you time, save you money, and deliver impressive results.

It is essential first to explain how SevereClean Ultrasonic cleaning equipment operates. At the heart of the process is something known as cavitation. These imploding bubbles, created by high-frequency sound waves, travel through a solution of our environmentally friendly cleaning agents and clean water. This unique and highly customizable process allows for ultrasonic access to blind holes, crevices, and cracks to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination adhering to or embedded in the surface of your product.

Eliminated Impractical Cleaning Practices

For decades, companies have had the difficult task of balancing results, cost, and time to cleaning practices. These decisions may have delivered the cleanliness results your company requires, but at an added cost or lengthy time to completion. As the world evolves, the end client or customer will likely need a more finished product, be reluctant to use outdated practices, or avoid environmentally harmful processes altogether. By making the switch to ultrasonic cleaning technology now and phasing out these practices, you will set your company up for viable long-term success.

Hand Washing

This process is extremely labor-intensive and does not maintain the level of consistency required to deliver final results. Using hand wash methods does not allow for penetration into blind holes, cracks, and crevices, making it difficult or impossible to repeat quality cleaning on duplicate parts. Additionally, most hand wash methods will rely on dangerous or potentially harmful cleaning agents to increase effectiveness. This leads to added exposure time for your employees and the cleaning agents, as well as an increased cost in the form of disposal, storage, and the requisite PPE needed to perform the task safely.

Vapor or Solvent

In some cases, vapor or solvent cleaning is required based upon the final cleanliness specifications of the part in question. If the final product involves plating, these parts will require a second cleaning to ensure no residue left behind, allowing for good plating adhesion. By utilizing a SevereClean Ultrasonic cleaning system with our proprietary mild environmentally friendly chemical cleaning compounds, you can avoid the need for expensive fume scrubbers or waste treatment equipment. This becomes a huge cost savings benefit rather than an added expense. In most cases, SevereClean Ultrasonics utilizes down the drain cleaning compounds, minimizing the cost of liquid waste disposal.

*Note – All contaminated waste must be disposed of adequately following your local municipality rules and regulations. Our experienced staff, as well as local government, will aid you in determining the proper disposal methods for SevereClean Ultrasonics cleaning agents and contaminated waste.

High-Pressure Spray Washing

More suitable for more significant parts of products, high-pressure spray washing is a prevalent form of cleaning. Although this process is relatively affordable and takes minimal labor, the results are unreliable and inconsistent. While some feel that high-pressure spray washing cleans contamination and residue, others think it may only further impact or embed particulate matter into blind holes and cracks. Additionally, the extreme high-pressure flow without significant part testing may lead to damaged products, not to mention the possibility of operator error.

Price Comparison & Savings

As with most things, cost savings are best understood when looked at in scale to your operation. If you compare the cost of a new high-tech ultrasonic cleaning system with what you are currently using, you may be overwhelmed by the immediate numbers. However, as we extrapolate the costs out over three months, six months, or a year, you'll see that ultrasonic cleaning technology from SevereClean Ultrasonics will significantly impact your company's bottom line in due time.

For example, imagine your company spends two hours per day on cleaning time. Between the cost of materials, labor, power, storage, disposal, and time, let's say the hourly rate of that cleaning process costs your business $100. With ultrasonic cleaning equipment and environmentally cleaning agents from SevereClean Ultrasonics, we can cut that process cost in half, dropping your hourly rate to $50. This means, over a week, you could save nearly $500. Running that same process with our equipment for a year saves your company an estimated $26,000. The savings in a single year can more than pay for the cost of the equipment.

These savings fail to mention that your company will deliver an improved product, more of this product, and in less time than ever.


SevereClean Ultrasonics designed industrial-grade cleaning technology and environmentally friendly cleaning agents with the customer in mind. We are dedicated to providing you with an honest assessment of your current cleaning practices and the easiest way to improve, evolve, and adapt our technology to fit your specific requirements. You'll see the toughest grime and contaminants removed from industrial, automotive, aerospace, and medical parts or products with our cleaning equipment.

If you have questions about industrial part cleaning methods or industrial part cleaners, please visit the contact form on our website, give us a call, or email to discuss your requirements and start the process of designing a customized cleaning system that not only delivers impressive results, but saves your company money, time, and effort for years to come.