Why Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning?

SevereClean Ultrasonics – Custom Cleaning Solutions

As the world transitions to greener technology and more environmentally products, companies are searching out greener processes to deliver those end goods. For many industries, the practice of using harsh chemicals, solvents, and other chemicals to clean newly manufactured products is outdated, dangerous, and time-consuming.

SevereClean Ultrasonics offers a state-of-the-art alternative to these practices with safe, environmentally friendly, cost-saving, and completely custom industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture a tank for your business that will save you time and money while moving you forward to a greener future.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

SevereClean Ultrasonics manufactures ultrasonic cleaning solutions that use a specific combination of chemicals, frequency, and time to create an ideal environment based upon your industry’s unique requirements. Ultrasonic cleaners utilize sound waves and something known as the Cavitation Effect to create a chain-reaction of rapidly collapsing bubbles in a liquid solution to quickly and thoroughly clean the objects placed within the tank.

Although the sound waves in tandem with the Cavitation Effect will clean an object on its own, the speed and effectiveness of the process will drastically increase when used in conjunction with one of our proprietary cleaning solutions. Our array of cleaning solutions and detergents have varying chemical compositions based upon the object’s requirements needs. Our current lineup of environmentally non-toxic cleaning agents contains eight different chemicals, each with its unique blend of properties. We offer four different sizes of each and will work with you to schedule regular deliveries to ensure your tank keeps running and your parts keep moving through your factory.

An Environmentally Friendly Future

Our lineup of non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning agents represents a stark contrast with earlier processes’ harsh chemical solvents. These antiquated solutions are difficult to dispose of and present unique hazards when it comes to storage. As regulations and advances in technology phase out more of these chemicals, SevereClean Ultrasonics non-toxic cleaning agents are the perfect solutions to fill that need when combined with the appropriate ultrasonic cleaners.

All of our cleaning agents are environmentally friendly and are known as “down-the-drain” chemistry. These chemicals can be stored safely without additional precautions and handled without extensive safety equipment. The beauty of an ultrasonic cleaning solution from SevereClean is that all of our chemicals are roughly 95% water and are inexpensive and easy to dispose of.

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How to Start the Process

Are you interested in learning more about ultrasonic cleaning basics and how SevereClean can devise a custom solution for your industry? Our experienced and friendly sales representatives are standing by to speak with you, work through the stress points your company is facing, and devise a completely custom ultrasonic cleaning solution that works for you.