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SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics designs a robust bench top cleaner and generator system for a wide array of today's customers with precision cleaning needs. We provide an easy-to-use system to remove oil, dirt, grease, carbon and other contaminants.

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» 1200W of Ultrasonic Power

» 40KHz of Transducer Capability

» Powder Coated or Optional Stainless Steel Body

» Type 316L Stainless Steel Fully Insulated Tank

» Type 316L Stainless Steel Basket (Included)

» Type 316 Stainless Steel Tank Lid (Included)

» Temperature, Timer and Power Control

» Brass Ball Valve Drain

Working Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 13in x 20in x 11in

Total Tank Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 17in x 24in x 17in

Shipping Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 40in x 48in x 44in

Tank Working Dimensions - 13" W x 20" L x 11" D

Working Dimensions
13" W x 20" L x 11" D

1000W Heating Power
1000W Heating Power
Standard 110V Outlet
Standard 110V Outlet
Tank Size = 11 Gallons / 41.6 Liters
11 Gallon / 41.6 Liter
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Automotive & Transportation Ultrasonic Cleaners
Mold & Die Cleaning Ultrasonic Solutions
Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaners
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Ammunition & Firearm Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications
Made in America