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The SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics SC-30 provides 100 potent watts per gallon of ultrasonic energy that is highly effective in the removal of oils, dirt, and carbon from your soiled parts. This extremely powerful ultrasonic deaning system will clean both exposed and hidden parts but is still gentle enough to not damage delicate parts.

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» 3000W of Ultrasonic Power

» 28 or 40KHz of Transducer Capability

» Two 1500W Immersibles

» Powder Coated or Optional Stainless Steel Body

» Type 316L Stainless Steel Fully Insulated Tank

» Type 316L Stainless Steel Basket (Included)

» Type 316 Stainless Steel Tank Lid (Included)

» Temperature, Timer and Power Control

» Brass Ball Valve Drain

» 2 Stage Stainless Steel Filter- 40 Micron and 80 Micron Rated (Included)

Working Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 30in x 24in x 10in

Tank Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 37in x 33in x 38in

Shipping Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 60in x 48in x 44in

Working Dimensions = 30" W x 24" L x 10" D

Working Dimensions
30" W x 24" L x 10" D

3960W Heating Power
3960W Heating Power
Standard 240V 60GHz Outlet
Standard 240V 60GHz Outlet
Tank Capacity = 30 Gallons / 113.6 Liters
30 Gallon / 113.6 Liter
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Aerospace, Military, and Defense Applications
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Automotive or Transportation Applications
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Mold and Die Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Medical Equipment
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Marine Industries and Other Applications
Ultrasonic Cleaning for 3D Printing Technology
Made in America