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SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics designs a robust bench top cleaner and generator system for a wide array of today's customers with precision cleaning needs. We provide an easy-to-use system to remove oil, dirt, grease, carbon and other contaminants.

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» 600W of Ultrasonic Power

» 40KHz of Transducer Capability

» Powder Coated or Optional Stainless Steel Body

» Type 316L Stainless Steel Fully Insulated Tank

» Type 316L Stainless Steel Basket (Included)

» Type 316 Stainless Steel Tank Lid (Included)

» Temperature, Timer and Power Control

» Brass Ball Valve Drain

Working Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 13in x 13in x 11in

Total Tank Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 17in x 17in x 17in

Shipping Dimensions (W x L x D)

» 40in x 48in x 44in

Working Dimensions = 13" W x 13" L x 11" D

Working Dimensions
13" W x 13" L x 11" D

1000W Heating Power
1000W Heating Power
Standard 110V Outlet
Standard 110V Outlet
Tank Capacity = 6 Gallons / 22.7 Liters
6 Gallon / 22.7 Liter
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Aerospace, Military, and Defense Applications
Ultrasonic Cleaning for Automotive and Transportation
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Mold and Die Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Medical Equipment
Ultrasonic Equipment for Marine Industries and Related Applications
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Firearm Maintenance & Ammunition Reloading
Made in America