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Are you facing a unique challenge or bottleneck when it comes to your manufacturing processes? If so, a custom-designed SevereClean Ultrasonics cleaning system may be able to address and improve your throughput while reducing labor costs, eliminating outdated methods, and saving time. Our experienced Sales and Engineering Teams are standing by to speak with you and address the particular requirements of your industry.

Our customized systems, paired with our proprietary environmentally green cleaning agents, will revolutionize how your facility approaches manufacturing and processing materials. Our customized ultrasonic systems will efficiently remove oils, dirt, residues, paints, laser burns, and other contaminants. With industry-leading sustained power, a SevereClean Ultrasonics system will clean in less time than the leading competition, with fewer cleaning agents and less reliance on high-heat cleaning applications. Additionally, our customized designs can include optional accessories such as heated lids, oil skimming systems, mechanical hoists, and automated cleaning agent dispensing.

If you are interested in adding a customized SevereClean Ultrasonics cleaning system to your company, please call for a free consultation with our Sales Team to best assess your particular requirements.

Custom Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Baskets

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaning Basket

Custom designed stainless-steel baskets to maximize product throughput and cleaner efficiency.

Mechanical Hoists for Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications

Mechanical Hoist

Add a hoist to your customized tank design to limit employee strain and improve cleaning times.

Stainless Steel Lids for Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

Tank Lid

Add a tank lid to preserve heat and reduce wait times between cleaning cycles. Standard lid design is uninsulated, with custom insulated options available. 

Customized Cart for Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Cleaning System Cart

Simple and minimal footprint storage carts are available.

Powerful Stainless Steel Immersible Transducers

Immersible Transducer

Industry leading sustained power with immerisible transducers reduces clean times and improves results.