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SevereWash is a neutral biodegradable cleaner with a pH of 7. This cleaner features down-the-drain technology and optimal for mild to medium contamination. SevereWash is safe for use on all metals and plastics and removes polishing compounds, oils, coolants, grinding dust, light grease, flux, and smoke from your delicate parts. Utilize SevereWash as a pre-soak as well as in tandem with electro or ultrasonic cleaning application.  All parts should be tested before use.

SevereClean Ultrasonics strongly recommends calling for a consultation before purchasing and applying cleaning agents in tandem with any ultrasonic cleaning equipment. When misused, select cleaning agents can damage specific metals. Additionally, the concentration levels of cleaning agents should be carefully tailored to the particular applications as reduced concentrations may impact the overall performance of the equipment, whereas raised concentrations can damage products. Our Sales Team is happy to answer all questions on the application of our proprietary blend of cleaning agents.